Zaarour Services founded in 1983, Has always played a major role in the freight forwarding business, and especially Oil industries. 

At Zaarour Services, we believe and strive hard to achieve customer satisfaction.

With global tie-up, we at Zaarour Services are in a position to offer tailor made transportation services to the ever changing needs and demands of our client & even provide door to door movement of cargo with the help of our warehousing, distribution facilities and our state of the art, up to date computer and communication system

Our Exhibition services department provide the whole logistics services
from ex-work to final destination & vice versa:
1- Pick-up call from shipper.
2- Shippers letter of Instruction.
3- Shipping declaration & Documentation.
4- Booking and pre-alert to the airline/shipping line.
5- Pick-up and delivery of the goods to our warehouse.
6- Packing, marking, labeling, measurement & weightment of goods at the warehouse.
7- Delivery to the cargo terminal for custom clearance.
8- Communication to the shipper / consignee / agent.
9- Custom clearance at the port / airport of departure & arrival.
10- Pick up goods for delivery at exhibition site.
11- Arrangement of goods at the stand according to client's instruction.
12- Same procedures will be taken (if needed) at the end of the exhibition for the re-exportation of the goods: carting, packing, Pick up, clearance, shipping & delivery…

"Our aim Is to profit by providing excellent professional services in facilitating the International and domestic transportation and storage of cargo, by finding efficient, reliable & customized solutions according to the ever changing needs and demands of our customers."

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